Professional cooking course, Siena, Tuscany

Professional cook in 8 weeks

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Chef Giuseppe Chiarelli

The course pursues the objective of providing comprehensive training on the basics of Italian cuisine, alternating moments of theory with continuous practice.

Giuseppe Chiarelli, Chef

The program

1st week

The basics of cooking: techniques and preparations.

2nd week

Land cuisine: meat. Products, processing, cooking and recipes.

3rd week

Seafood cuisine: fish. Products, processing, cooking and recipes.

4th week

Italian regional cuisine.

5th week

Tradition and innovation: from classic Italian cuisine to new trends in gastronomy.

6th week

Flours and leavened products: Pizza & Pane. Tradition, techniques and workmanship.

7th week

Pastry: the sweet world of desserts.

8th week

The composition of the menu: hypotheses, tests and insights. Management of gastronomic events: catering and banquets.

160 ore,
4 h /day

05/09 - 28/10
07/11 - 23/12

15 people



If you book by October 15th

€ 5.990

€ 2.990

Possible payment by installments,
3 to 10 installments

In addition to the full course, you can also purchase only one or more specific weeks (for example Flour and leavened products or Pastry), at the price of 490 € / week.




  • Introduction to the course
  • HACCP: The main hygiene rules
  • The main food preservation techniques
  • introduction: the history of pasta in Italian culture
  • basic sauces
  • fish sauces
  • game
  • fresh pasta
  • The cuts and parts of the animal
  • cooking techniques
  • Design and development of the menu, assembly of the dishes
  • The fish: cleaning and cutting
  • Processing and cooking
  • Tuscany
  • Liguria
  • Emilia Romagna
  • Campania
  • Calabria
  • Lazio
  • selection of vegetables based on seasonality
  • preparation of accompanying vegetables or as a main course
  • Introduction to bread making
  • preparation of direct and indirect doughs
  • creating a bread line
  • Introduction to pastry: techniques, products and trends
  • Regional variants
  • Observation and evaluation of students in the creation and development of the menu: the organization of the final exam.
  • Execution of dishes at the request of the students
  • The organization of work in the professional kitchen and the organization of banquets and events.