Cooking Academy in Siena, Tuscany

Journey into the Taste of Sienese Cuisine

Chef Giuseppe Chiarelli Fonte Giusta Academy Siena

We organize cooking courses and lessons held by expert chefs.

Amateur lessons and professional courses to learn the techniques of preparing pasta, sauces, meat, fish, pastry and bread making, according to the tradition of Italian cuisine, enriched by the experience of professional chefs, ready at any time to share their secrets and their passion for eating well.

Giuseppe Chiarelli, Chef of Trattoria Fonte Giusta


Sienese Cults and seasonal specials

Fonte Giusta Academy cooking school opens its doors to those who want to embark on a journey into the taste of Sienese cuisine, in a fresh and professional environment, adjacent to the Trattoria Fonte Giusta of the same name. By registering for the cooking class, the final tasting of the meals prepared to enjoy the fruit of your work in company is included. The dedication and technique of the chefs Giuseppe, Saverio and Leonardo will be your guide on this journey through flavors.

Cooking Classes,

Cook what you eat

Fonte Giusta Cooking Academy, Siena, Tuscany

Cooking class lasting 2 or 3 hours, a journey into taste with a final tasting of what is cooked.

in Accademia

Flavors of Siena

Fontegiusta Academy - Scuola di cucina a Siena

Tasting Experiences within the Fonte Giusta Academy of Cuisine, curated by chefs Giuseppe, Saverio and Leonardo.

Course, Siena

Become a professional chef

Fontegiusta Academy - Scuola di cucina a Siena

5 months, 600 hours of course to learn the basics of Italian cuisine. Internal internship. Issuance of Regional certificate, issue of HACCP certificate.